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"Highly recommend Dr. DeVitre and his dental hygienist Barbara!"
                               - Kelly W. (3/20/14)

"I had my cleaning done very quickly and efficiently. The hygienist, Barbara, was very friendly and provided gentle service with a smile. I returned the next day to get an exam from Dr. Adrina DeVitre who was very thorough. She provided me with information needed to make an informed decision of what to do next. I was hesitant to change dentists but needed to since I spend most of my time in Boston. I am glad to have found such a nice office!"
                               - Jessie O. (2/27/14)

"Charles B.: Dr. Guze did an excellent job with my implant. Professional, efficient, and caring."
                               - Charles B. (2/26/14)

"The staff is excellent and always professional , great quality care."
                               - Anonymous (10/19/13)

"As always excellent and kind."
                               - Tula M. (9/16/13)

"Barbara is a delightful person, very professional and an advocate for the patient."
                               - Steven A. (9/5/13)

"Dr. DeVitre and his team are the best!!!"
                               - Anonymous (8/31/13)

"Dr. DeVitre is terrific. He's patient and explains everything that's happening in great detail. I don't feel like he's trying to just sell me services that I don't really need like a lot of other dentist seem to do. I'm also especially fond of his staff. Everyone is warm, friendly and accommodating."
                               - Carmen B. (7/10/13)

"Great experience. Very kind & professional. Dr. DeVitre knows his craft."
                               - Anonymous (7/10/13)

"Thorough and professional. Relaxing manner."
                               - Anonymous (8/8/13)

"All of my experiences with Dr. DeVitre have been more than satisfactory over the last 20 years he has been my sole Dentist."
                               - Joseph B. (6/7/13)

"Dr. DeVitre and staff are dedicated to making you feel comfortable while treating you. Always leave feeling better then when arriving!"
                               - Anonymous (4/6/13)

"Excellent service and facilities! All in all, always a pleasant experience."
                               - Lynda J. (3/28/13)

"Dr. DeVitre and his staff were excellent and professional. I'm confident in his abilities and would highly recommend."
                               - Anonymous. (3/27/13)

"Great place to get professional dental help."
                               - Govind V. (3/23/13)

"Dr. DeVitre's dental office is professional and kind. I highly recommend him to anyone."
                               - Tula M. (2/24/13)

"I think that the staff & doctor are great and knowledgeable. I had a wonderful experience."
                               - Carmen B. (1/28/13)

"The woman who cleans my teeth is so amazing. She is professional, funny and engaging. I would not go anywhere else."
                               - Donny F. (1/25/13)

"I give Dr. DeVitre and his office 5 stars. Very professional and friendly. Barbara does a great job cleaning your teeth - every nook and cranny! Highly recommended."
                               - Kelly W. (11/29/12)

"I came in for a pulpotomy today and it went as good as one could! My teeth are such a mess that I think if my teeth can be managed than anyone else's can! I would definitely refer my friends/family here!"
                               - Tiffany Y. (11/20/12)

"Dr. DeVitre is a true artist as well as a compasionate fellow. He has helped me find my real smile!"
                               - JoAnn M. (10/24/12)

"Had an emergency... squeezed me in... procedure was fast, pain free, funny guy, As good a time as you could possibly have with a broken tooth ripped out."
                               - Ken C. (9/14/12)

"Today I saw Dr. DeVitre to have Veneers done. The appointment went great and Dr. DeVitre was very professional and understood all of my needs."
                               - Andrew D. (8/29/12)

"I had a cleaning with Barbara today and I always enjoy my cleanings with her."
                               - Anonymous (8/5/12)

"Very professional! Recommend all to visit their place."
                               - Govinda V. (5/24/12)

"I would like to thank Dr. DeVitre for a memorably positive dentistry experience: I entered his practice with a painfully locked jaw and to my great relief I left with a jaw that I could move to fully open. In particular, I appreciated his great sense of empathy and responsibility to the patient, his specific expertise in treating the mandibular joint, and his patient and precise explanations of my diagnosis and treatment."
                               - Veronica D. (5/6/12)

"I just had a cleaning with Barbara and it was very positive. She is great with keeping my teeth very healthy!"
                               - Steven A. (3/22/12)

"I just saw Dr. Del Castillo and had a crown replacement. It really could not have been better. It was quick and he was professional. Nice office and nice people."
                               - Ned H. (3/22/12)

"Dr. DeVitre is a great dentist and he has a great team! I always recommend them."
                               - Tula M. (2/8/12)

"I think that Dr. DeVitre's work is excellent! He is very responsive and always goes the extra mile to meet your needs. I've gotten feedback from him after hours and even on holidays. His dental assistant is also excellent."
                               - Hedy R.

"Dr. DeVitre and staff are wonderful. They are all professional caring and most of all was able to make me feel better."
                               - Anonymous (1/2/12)

"Dr. DeVitre is in the process of making me a bridge. I think he's great and that he does great work. I would refer my family/friends to him because I've been satifisfied with his work for 10+ years."
                               - Rachel O. (12/8/11)

"Always a pleasure to see Dr. DeVitre and receive the best care in the country. No pain, very professional and excellent results."

                               - Nick L. (12/6/11)

"I'm very happy going to Dr. DeVitre's office. Dr. DeVitre and the staff are all very kind people. The front desk receptionist always accomodates my schedule. Dr. DeVitre is wonderful! He is incredibly skilled and gentle. I used to HATE going to the dentist, but needed a lot of work to be done. Dr. DeVitre allayed all my fears and anxiety! All my teeth look great -- I can smile again!"

                               - Lisa S. (12/1/11)

"I am having reconstruction on my teeth and think that it's going really well. Dr. DeVitre has given excellent care every time I've been in."

                               - Mark S. (11/8/11)

"I've had a few crowns done by Dr. DeVitre and think that they have come out beautifully. I would refer my friends and family to him because he does top quality work and is very meticulous."

                               - Pamela G. (10/27/11)

"I came in today to have a cavity filled and it was painless! The office is filled with great staff and dentists. I always feel very comfortable and that's why I refer my friends and family here."

                               - Catherine P. (10/25/11)

"I am a new patient to Dr. DeVitre's office and can already tell that he's the best. Dr. DeVitre is very courteous and the office is clean!"

                               - Billie K. (10/6/11)

"I've been a patient of Dr. DeVitre's for the past 5 years and I think that he is gentle and very understanding. I have very little fear (if any) when going into the office for my appointments. I would definitely refer him to my friends and family."

                               - Jan H. (9/21/11)

"I think that Dr. Devitre is the best dentist in town. I've referred practically my entire family to his practice and they all love him. Everyone at the office is very professional and very nice."
                               - Thomas S. (8/25/11)

"I had an extraction done today and thought that it went really well! Dr. DeVitre made me feel very comfortable and less anxious!  I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family!"
                               - Georgette B. (8/10/11)

"Dr. DeVitre has been my dentist for the past 6 years and I think that he's great. The office staff are friendly and very helpful. The hygienist, Barbara is awesome!"

                               - Nicole F. (8/9/11)

"I had a filling replaced today and thought it was fast and painless. The entire staff is highly competent in this office and shows artistic standards."

                               - Susan H. (7/28/11)

"I came in today to have a filling done on a cavity. Dr. DeVitre is great in that he explains everything to you (the procedure and my options). The quality of his work is impeccable and I'm very pleased with him and the staff."

                               - Donna T. (7/19/11)

"I've been a patient of Dr. DeVitre's since 1975!! He's always been professional, direct, honest and courteous to me. He's treated me for all sorts of work (implants, crowns, fillings, etc). I've gotten numerous compliments on how great my teeth look and I only have Dr. DeVitre to thank! I have referred several patients to him and they all have been extremely happy with his work and have even turned into long time patients."
                               - Terri N.

"Dr. DeVitre is very gentle and always reassuring. I completely feel confident in all of the advices he gives and thinks that he takes very good care of me."
                               - Susan T. (3/24/11)

"I love, love Barbara! If there was a higher scale to distinguish Barbara's excellence for my cleanings, I'd give it! Mari is also excellent! She's always calm during all my procedures! Dr. DeVitre is great and gives fantastic results!"

                               - Beth K. (2/23/11)